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I have always loved the outdoors, especially the unique setting of Northwestern Ontario.


Like many who are from Thunder Bay, I moved away and it was in Japan that I became seriously involved in mountain biking. This included the hunt for new trails and also involved the organized racing circuit.  I discovered how welcoming and fun mountain biking culture was and the spirit and sense of community behind it.  There were always challenges and you were always encouraged to try something new and challenge yourself.  


It was the love of the North that brought me back and my roots here in Thunder Bay are deep.  Upon returning I was excited to see how much organized mountain biking had grown and was impressed to see the headway BlackSheep had forged in the community and how BlackSheep had worked hard to make mountain biking accessible for everyone.  I grew up with Centennial Park and Shuniah Mines in my backyard and it is amazing to see what it has become.


I am proudly sponsoring BlackSheep because it embodies exactly what I believe is important for this community—a sense of team and family and an opportunity for an all-inclusive and welcoming sport which blends perfectly with Northwestern Ontario.

Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club is volunteer run and dedicated to rider and trail develpment in the City of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.  As a Diamond Level Sponsor 100% of my donation will be put towards trail development efforts in the region. To learn more about the club you can visit their website at